Sudden death in sportsmen - 2000


17-year-old football player John Ikoroma collapsed and died of a heart attack during a friendly match in the United Arab Emirates from the consequences of a cardiac arrest.


The 26-year-old Indonesian football player Eri Irianto dies after collapsing from a heart attack on the pitch during a league match against PSIM Yogyakarta


20-year-old American football player Brandon Rouse dies after a heart attack during a game.


29-year-old Conrad McRae was an American professional basketball player, who collapsed and died from heart failure after arrhytmias during a training with Orlando Magic.


24-year-oldĀ Catalin Hildan was a Romanian football player who played for FC Dinamo Bucuresti and the Romanian national team He died fom a cardiac arrest at a friendly match between Dinamo and FC Oltenita.