Sudden death in sportsmen - 2004


24-year-old Georgian football player Shalva Apkhazava dies in his sleep from the consequences of heart failure.


25-year-old Hungarian soccer international Miklós Fehér gets a cardiac and respiratory arrest during the match Benfica - Vitória Guimarães and was later declared dead in the hospital.


21-year-old Belgian cyclist Johan Sermon dies from heart failure on his way home after the team presentation.


27-year-old Guatemaan goalkeeper Danny Ortiz dies from a heart attack during a league game.


24-year-old Irish Gaelic football player Cormac McAnallen dies during his sleep due to an unrecognized Long QT syndrome


51-year-old Canadian marathon runner Brian Maxwell dies after a heart attack.


18-year-old Irish rugby player John McCall dies from heart failure during Ireland - New Zealand.


20-year-old Irish sales assistant Catherine Hand, who went to the gym daily, dies of rhythm disorders during her sleep.


20-year-old Argentinian football goalie Damián Lucas Molina dies from the respiratory complications of heart failure.


20-year-old Irish Gaelic football player Paul Cavanagh dies in his bed from a heart attack.


19-year-old American basketball star Ronalda Pierce dies from an aortic aneurysm, a complication of her Marfan syndrome.


22-year-old Irish furniture maker Robert Finnerty, who played indoor football in his free time, dies from rhythm disorders during work.


34-year-old American football player Derrick Faison of the Los Angeles Rams dies from the consequences of a heart attack.


29-year-old Belgian cyclist Stive Vermaut had to quit top sport early because of a congenital rythm disorder. He later dies at the age of 28 from the consequences of cardiac arrest.


22-year-old Irish Gaelic football player Noel Quill dies in his sleep to the effects of a cardiac arrest after complaining about dizziness after the game of the day before.


29-year-old former Dutch professional football player Arno Schaap dies from the consequences of a cardiac arrest during a practice match with his amateur club Hilversum


18-year-old American football player McCollins Umeh dies during a training session from the effects of an enlarged heart.


18-year old Irish plumber Kevin Quinn dies during a game of hurling from the consequences of cardiac arrest.


A 30-year-old Irish jeweler dies from rhythm disorders during a football match with friends.


23-year-old Belgian field rider Tim Pauwels fatally crashes during the first game of the super prestige in Erpe-Mere. According to the doctors, he had a ruptured coronary artery shortly before his fall.


34-year-old Lithuanian basketter Tauras Stumbrys dies during the game of his new team Hidruvos against his previous team Zalgiris


30-year-old Brazilian professional football player Paulo Sérgio de Oliveira Silva drops to the ground during the game Sao Caetano-Sao Paulo as a result of a cardiac arrest. Attempts to resuscitate the thirty-year-old defender on his way to the hospital fail.


The 31-year-old Lithuanian ice hockey player Sergei Zholtok dies of heart failure during a match in Belarus.


17-year-old Irishman Richard Martin dies from the consequences of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome during a tennis match.


The 25-year-old Brazilian footballer Cristiano Sebastião de Lima Júnior dies during the match between his Indian club Dempo and Mohun Bagan from the consequences of a heart attack.


The 18-year-old Irish amateur footballer Stephen Lyness dies in his sleep from Brugada syndrome.


The 20-year-old American basketball player Richard Jones of the Canisius College dies from a cardiac arrest during a training session.