Sudden death in sportsmen - 2007


18-year-old American basketball player Mike Ndiribe of the Grayson County Collage dies during a game in the locker rooms from the effects of cardiac arrest.


24-year-old American football player Damien Nash dies from heart failure during an exhibition competition. the irony of his fate: the exhibition contest was meant to raise money for the heart transplantation of his older brother Darris.


19-year-old Croatian football player Ivan Karacic dies during a training game from the consequences of a heart attack.


19-year-old American football player Keeley Dorsey dies from the effects of long-QT syndrome (LQTS).


28-year-old American weightlifter Jesse Marunde dies from the effects of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy


16-year-old English football player Anton Reid dies from a cardiac arrest during a training session of his team Walsall.


27-year-old Zambian football player Chaswe Nsofwa dies after a cardiac arrest during an exhibition game with his Israeli team Hapoel Beer Sheva.


23-year-old Spanish footballer Antonio Puerta gets a cardiac arrest after 35 minutes of play during his first match for Sevilla and falls motionless after a first resuscitation he gets another 5 cardiac arrests, which would prove fatal.


26-year-old French volleyball player C├ędric Schlienger dies of cardiac arrest during training.


19-year-old American football player Dale Lloyd dies after a cardiac arrest during exercises in the gym.


26-year-old Canadian/Italian ice hockey player Darcy Robinson dies during a match in the Italian league on the consequences of a heart attack, caused by an undetected heart defect.


35-year-old Chad Schieber dies during the Chicago marathon due to a mitral valve prolapse


28-year-old American athlete Ryan Shay drops down after eight kilometers during the American qualifying marathon for the 2008 Olympics and dies in the nearby Lenox Hill Hospital on the consequences of a heart attack.


28-year-old American baseball player Joseph Darley Kennedy dies from the effects of a heart attack


35-year-old Scottish footballer Phillip O'Donnell collapses during the Motherwell - Dundee United match and dies from heart failure in the ambulance to the hospital.