Sudden death in sportsmen - 2018


34-year-old Australian javelin thrower Jarrod Bannister is found dead in his girlfriend's home in Eindhoven


46-year-old Bulgarian football player Georgi Markov dies at home from a second heart attack. The first he got in 2015 in Turkish Antalya at training camp with Lokomotiv Sofia.


31-year-old Italian footballer Davide Astori is found dead in his hotel room after a heart attack just before the start of a match.


24-year-old footballer Guinese Damantang Camara of the German club Berliner SC dies from the effects of a thickened heart wall.


24-year-old Croatian footballer Bruno Boban collapses during the match Marsonia-Po┼żega Slavonia and dies a few minutes later of a heart attack, despite the resuscitation efforts of the medical staff.


26-year-old American basketball player Zeke Upshaw collapses in the last minute of a competition match and dies two days later from the consequences of a cardiac arrest, which was the result of a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.


18-year-old French football player Samba Diop from Le Havre Athletic Club is found dead at home.


24-year-old Belgian rider Michael Goolaerts gets a heart attack during the cycle race Paris-Roubaix and dies in the Lille hospital a few hours later.


32-year-old Tunisian football player Lassad Nouioui collpases during a training of his Spanish club CD Toledo, because of a heart attack. He is transferred to the hospital, where he can be resuscitated, and he ends his player career.


25-year-old Belgian cyclist Jeroen Goeleven is found dead on the floor of his bedroom by his father. The cause of death appeared to be heart failure.


29-year-old British cook Matt Campbell collapses after 36 km during the London marathon and dies in the hospital.


31-year-old Belgian indoor football player Tim Biesmans dies during a game from the effects of heart failure.


30-year-old Belgian footballer Anthony Van Loo grabs his chest after four minutes in the Kortrijk-Mouscron match and collapses. Van Loo has a weakened heart muscle and had a cardiac arrest on the football field before. The then implanted defibrillator saves his life for the second time.


50-year-old Pakistani hockey player Mansoor Ahmed seems to need a heart transplant in April, he dies a few weeks later due to complications from stents and a built-in pacemaker.


38-year-old Colombian Professor Juan Camilo Arboleda Alzate collapses during the Medellin Marathon and later dies in the hospital.


23-year-old Belgian cyclist Jimmy Duquennoy dies from the consequences of a cardiac arrest.


Two of the 25,000 participants in the half marathon of Cardiff (Wales) die at the age of 25 and 32 from the consequences of cardiac arrest.


21-year-old Brazilian footballer Ramon Neto da Costa dies during a friendly match of his team Brasil de Farroupilha.


29-year-old Belgian long distance runner and former footballer Niels Van Doorne dies at home from the effects of heart failure